Results You Can See & Feel:

I am on my 3rd Bottle of this amazing Body Moisturizer. I compared it to 2 other similar body lotions and this surpasses them all. It smells amazing, non-greasy and has just the right moisture to heal and moisturize my skin. You will Not be disappointed. I can Attest to it.   Check out the Body Scrubs & Oils also. They are all great products.

-Sharon Otto, Brewster, NY

I just bought the Body Moisturizer and LOVE it! Smells great and really works!!

-Jean LaDue Neale, Hopewell, NY

Hands down the greatest facial moisturizer & anit-aging product I’ve ever used. I have worked in the film business for several decades & used all the so-called “high end” expensive “miracle” skin care products. I had deep expression lines around my mouth & deep crease lines on my chest, both of which have disappeared over a matter of weeks. Many people who know me have asked “What are you doing, you look really good. Have you had work done?” You have to try it – you will be convinced.

-Deborah Theaker, Actress, Los Angeles, CA

For years, so many of our customers have absolutely raved about the relief they got using our Sore Muscles “No More” blend. One customer told me it was the only thing (and she said she had tried so many different things) that would relieve her sciatic pain, and it did so within minutes!

-Rena Joy, Owner, Sooth Your Soul, Hermosa Beach, CA

I ordered the Organic Face Moisturizer. Amazing stuff. Your anti-wrinkle concoction is amazing. I can feel and see a difference already. Thank you!

-Cindy Brown, Putnam Valley, NY

I need to comment on BodySculpt by Karen’s “Dead Sea Mineral Body Oil – Citrus Infusion” product. Yes, even me from a Sicilian Heritage occasionally gets dry skin! Anyway, I said what the heck, let me try this product. So about 4 weeks ago, I bought and used it. Of all things, as a conditioner mixed in with my shampoo. I have to say my scalp is cleaner, moister but yet not oily or greasy and my hair does feel much softer! It is a great product that I recommend for anyone! Whether used as a Bath Lotion, Skin Conditioner or even as something you mix in with whatever Shampoo you use. It is awesome!

-Ed Giglio, Westchester County, NY

Within 24 hours my skin felt like baby skin. Within a few days, the worry lines on my forehead started to fade away. I am a massage therapist at several high- end spas at exclusive hotels, so I have tried all the “best” facial care products – this is better. This is an unbelievable product, especially for the price. It does it all:  moisturizes, firms & rejuvenates the skin, and you can use it around the eyes. This is a gift you cannot afford not to give yourself.

-S. Barnett, Massage Therapist, West Los Angeles, CA

 I bought Karen’s Face Scrub and the Citrus Body Scrub. They smell amazing. The citrus has a tropical drink scent to it, and it’s so smooth on your skin after. I just used the Face Scrub and I love it. It has that “spa relaxing” scent to it. I love the way my skin feels afterwards. I always prefer to buy natural ingredients in skin care products. I have turned away from typical store bought products in an effort to live a more chemical free and vegetarian life. I love her products and I certainly will continue to purchase more in the future. Your body is yours, so be good to it. Nourish it with better quality ingredients.

-Jill Thomas, Putnam Valley, NY