Healing Natural Black Soap

Take a natural African approach to keeping your skin clean and healthy This African black soap is soft, organically shaped, delicately textured and exudes a natural, earthy smell.  It’s ideal for cleaning your hands, face and body, and it can even be lathered up and used as a shampoo. Its gentle natural ingredients make it effective for people with damaged or sensitive skin.  Hand made in Ghana.

Normal shelf life is 24 months. To prolong the shelf life of the natural black soap, keep it in a cool and dry location. Color varies slightly from photo to a darker or lighter shade of brown.

·         Useful in relieving acne, clearing blemishes, bumps, and many other skin issues.

·         Gives skin a deep clean, leaving it radiant and healthy.

·         Its purity makes is gentle and non-drying for babies’ sensitive skin.  

·         Many Africans swear by black soap for treating eczema and psoriasis.

·         Black soap can also be used as a hair shampoo.

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Roasted cocoa pods, plantain skin, ash, palm oil and water.


It is ideal for cleaning your hands, face and body.  It can also be used as a shampoo.  Its gentle naturals ingredients make it effective for people with damaged or sensitive skin.  Use to help relieve acne, oily skin, clear blemishes, eczema & psoriasis.  Can be used everyday.



Don’t let you soap sit in water in a soap dish.  Put in a higher rack so the shower spray cannot reach it.

Cut the bar in half.

Use a washcloth, sponge or loofah instead of your hands.

When you are down to the scraps, place in a small cloth pouch, squeezing together as you add.  When pouch is full, you will have a brand new bar of soap.



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