Inner Peace pure essential oil blend is a deeply relaxing, sleep inducing blend of lavender, vetiver, clary sage, blue chamomile and rosewood.  You can use it in a diffuser, in a bath, put drops on the soles of your feet (very effective), put drops on your temples and your pillow.

Deep, restful sleep is absolutely essential for vibrant health and wellness.  My Inner Peace natural remedy will help you get nourishing restful sleep.  You will wake up feeling energized, clear and healthy!

$14.95    1/2 oz.  +  shipping


Special Blend of Essential Oils:  Lavender, Vetiver, Clary Sage, Rosewood, Blue Chamomile, Cedarwood.

How to Use:
Add a few drops in a diffuser.  Place some drops on your temples while meditating.  Place in a spray bottle with pure water & spray on your pillow for a restful night sleep.  Add about 10 drops in a bath.  For best result place a few drops on the bottoms of feet which is very effective.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 3.25 × 3.25 in


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